YKS-TYT-AYTGeometry Lecture Notes, Tests, Formulas and PDF

You can find detailed information about YKS Geometry on this page and you can prepare for the YKS exam consciously and solve geometry questions.

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Fully solved YKS-TYT-AYT Geometry Lecture Notes (Charcoal Solutions). Questions and solutions about geometry on this page …read more

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No matter how many types of questions you will see, the use of geometry formulas has a lot of impact and contribution to the final answer…read more

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As we all know, the effect of mathematics lesson on university placement; To calculate numerical and equally weighted score types in TYT … read more

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Angle in Triangle, Angle in Rectangle, Area in Trapezoid, Geometry Trapezoid Area, Inner Tangent Circle Center, Outer Tangent Circle Center, Area of a Square …  read more

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After the candidate who wants to learn and improve himself / herself has the necessary information …read more


When is the application deadline for 2020 YKS?

Applications will be received between February 6 and March 3, 2020.


When is 2020 YKS?

Session 1 (TYT)

27 June 2020 (Saturday), exam time .. read more

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Geometry solution question bank- (book consisting of tests, solutions and proofs of formulas) YKS-TYT-AYT Geometry …read more