YKS 2020

When is the application deadline for 2020 YKS?

Applications will be received between February 6 and March 3, 2020.

When is 2020 YKS?

Session 1 (TYT)

27 June 2020 (Saturday), exam time 10:15, exam duration 165 minutes

2nd Session (AYT)

28 June 2020 (Sunday), exam time 10:15, exam duration 180 minutes

3rd Session (YDT)

28 June 2020 (Sunday), exam time 15:45, exam duration 120 minutes

Candidates applying to the 2020 YKS must check the education information (diploma grades) they want to be used in YKS evaluation and placement processes (-) – (-) from AİS between June 2020 (-) until June 2020, 16:00. Announced to grade 12 students.)

When will the 2020 YKS results be announced?

Higher Education Institutions exam (TYT-AYT-YDT) – It will be announced on August 2020.The results will be questioned on the official site of ÖSYM.

When is the 2020 YKS preference period?

The 2020-YKS preference process will start on (-) July 2019. Candidates can make their preferences between (-) – (-) July 2020, according to the rules in the guide, from the website of ÖSYM. They will do it themselves by using their ID numbers and passwords. The preference transactions will end at 23.59 on (-) July 2020.

Candidates are required to carefully review the 2020-YKS Higher Education Programs and Quotas Guide, and make their choices according to this guide information. The ‘Conditions and Explanations of Higher Education Programs’ section must be read and after these conditions and explanations have been carefully examined, the preferences must be completed.


2019 YKS (HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS EXAM) average of correct answers

TYT (Basic Proficiency Test)

Basic Mathematics: 5.6 in 40 questions

Turkish: 14.6 in 40 questions

Science: 2.2 in 20 questions

Social Sciences: 4.6 in 20 questions

AYT (Field Proficiency Test)

Math: 4.7 in 40 questions

Physics: 1 in 14 questions

Chemistry: 0.9 in 13 questions

Biology: 1.2 in 13 questions

Literature: 4.9 in 24 questions

Philosophy: 2.4 in 12 questions