– Teach knowledge, but do not be violent, because a smiling teacher is better than a harsh one. -Prophet Mohammed.

– It is better to run for knowledge than to participate in a hundred battles with Allah. -Prophet Mohammed.

-Search, find and bring information even if it is in China. -Prophet Muhammad.

-There is no higher or better quality than learning and knowledge. -Prophet Mohammed.

– Tell the truth even if it is painful. -Prophet Muhammad.

– He is better than worshiping a little and working hard, worshiping a lot and working less. Prophet Ali.

-Orphans are those who lack science and morality, not from parents. Prophet Ali

– The scholar who does not deal with his science; Although he dresses others, he is like a needle that is naked. Imam al-Ghazali.

Science consists solely of laws that reveal the mathematical behavior of nature Isaac Newton (English physicist, mathematician).