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Geometry Textbook PDF

The candidate who wants to learn a subject and improve himself / herself about that subject must be experienced by practicing after acquiring the necessary information.

Working by collecting information in electronic environment is an important alternative study method that minimizes your deficiencies and mistakes and supports you to prepare more easily in this direction.

You can download many related pdf files such as TYT-AYT Geometry textbooks, Geometry lecture notes, question bank-subject narrative books of all courses, which you can easily access from the Internet, and complete the topics you see incomplete or you want to go over.

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YKS is a very important step on your way to university, so it is essential to learn this course that will help you the most like Geometry.Mathematics is a course that every student should know well, but Geometry is a lesson that not everyone studies regularly.

YKS Geometry Preparation

In this busy period when you will take the course exams and YKS trials at the school, there may be ups and downs in the exam results.

But while you want to enter YKS ready, will you make it comfortable? Or will you have a hard time?

It can give us a feeling of helplessness when we face the questions about these subjects in the exams at school and in the tyt-ayt trials.

Don’t give up, I mean, I’ve already been studying, but I can’t. I feel like I’m giving up on this now and I let it go. Whatever my exam result will be, we can say.Maybe we do it with hands in the air, we call it Laylaylom.

As a result, we are moving to such a point that … For example, this is my success in class. What can I do on that? How can I do it? Or how can I increase my success? If we continue without asking questions, this will bring losses in YKS.

TYT-AYT Geometry Question Bank Download PDF

Since we know that a large number of “solved problems” need to be examined for the development of geometric vision and intuition, we wanted to show the solution of the questions clearly.

The first right step we will take will give us the opportunity to learn the next topic more easily. For this, we attach great importance to the first subjects of geometry. Especially if we can learn the subject of triangles, it will be easier to understand these issues when the subject of rectangular-square, quadrilateral, trapezoid, parallelogram, deltoid, polygons, circles comes up.

We recommend that you try to solve the Mathematics-Geometry tests yourself first. After digging into the problem and solving it, you will already eliminate the problems. You should check the problem you are stuck with again and again, you should determine where you made a mistake.

The more you can experience the detection yourself, the more likely you will be to solve questions.

Course Geometry took the book of TYT-AYT Geometry Question Bank (fully solved) from scratch, that is, from the very basic, and systematically prepared from easy to difficult, detailed and understandable narration in PDF format. You can access it from the download buttons.

TYT-AYT Geometry Tests

TYT-AYT Geometry Tests


TYT-AYT Geometry Solutions

TYT-AYT Geometry Solutions


TYT-AYT Geometry Proofs

TYT-AYT Geometry Proofs


Geometry Test PDF Download

♦ Angles on a Line

♦ Angles on a Triangle

♦ Right Triangle

♦ Special Triangles (Isosceles-Equilateral Triangle)

♦ Area in Triangle

♦ Angle-Edge Relations

♦ Bisector in Triangle

♦ Polygons

♦ Trapezoid

♦ Rectangle-Square

Geometry tests consisting of 8 questions download PDF