Geometry Topics

YKS (Higher Education Institutions Exam) 1. Session TYT (Basic Proficiency Test) and 2. Session AYT (Field Proficiency Test) 40 questions in the Mathematics test, and which subjects (geometry curriculum subjects) can be You can learn the distribution of the topics of the questions from the tables shown below.

Important Note: Topics on different sites may differ.

1) Angles in a Line and Triangle
2) Right and Special Triangles
3) Isosceles and Equilateral Triangle
4) Triangle Area
5) bisector relations in triangle
6) Median Relations in Triangle
7) Congruence and Similarity in Triangle
8) Angle-Edge Relations
9) Polygons
10) Quadrilaterals
11) Trapezoid
12) Parallelogram
13) Rhombus – Deltoid
14) Rectangle-Square
15) Circle and Circle
16) Space in the Circle
17) Orthogonal Coordinate System
18) Point Analytics
19) Analytics of the Line
20) Conversions
21) Analytics of the Circle
22) Solid Bodies (Prism, Pyramid, Cone, Sphere)