Geometri 1 konu anlatımlı e kitap

  • Subject Narrated
  • Sample With Solution
  • Test Solution
  • Test Question
  • Mixed Tested

I prepared this book to help you in your geometry lesson, who are studying in high school and are preparing for the university exam.


The book consists of 5 chapters.

Sections; It is presented in a certain order and systematic way with lectures and sample solutions to help students gain the habit of studying by commenting.

If you expect you to be successful as a result of your work in this course, I recommend that you study the topics in this book in order, paying attention to the order below.

  • Carefully follow the order of lecture.
  • Grasp the lecture and subject information by solving the example, not by heart.
  • Improve your subject knowledge and interpretation power by solving solved test questions yourself.
  • Solve the answered test questions and compare them with their answers. If you have, verify your mistakes and deficiencies with repetition.
  • Try to develop and provide connections related to the subject with solutions without forgetting the subject information you learned in the order of lecture.
  • Using your subject knowledge that we have learned with this method, solve many different questions with comments.
  • While solving the problem, try to find the unknown in the shortest and easiest way by facilitating the solution with auxiliary drawings (such as bisector, perpendicular line and parallel line …) when necessary, not according to the solution according to the figure.

My dear students, I hope this book will help you reach your goal in your life.

While my dear colleagues present this book to your valuable opinions, I also await your criticism with my wishes for success in your work. (From the Publicity Bulletin)

Erol Gedikli

Math. Prof.

Author: Erol Gedikli

Publisher: eBook Project

ISBN: 9786059496360

Format: Epub