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Delta Cultural Publishing House, which has been providing resource publications to our esteemed students for exam preparation and contribution to education with “Intermediate Classes and University Preparation Summary”, “Trial Exams”, “Strategy Cards” and many different educational materials, is now “YKS 1st Session. (Basic Proficiency Test) Question Bank continues its service with “YKS 2nd Session (Field Proficiency Test) Question Book”.

Dear Students,

This book, prepared by our expert teacher-writer staff with school and classroom experience, is suitable for the latest changes in the exam system and curriculum.
Hint and solving strategy: We tried to get you to get a different perspective with the “hint and solving strategy” we gave in the box with the “bird” icon under some question types that you may have difficulty with.
From easy to difficult: We have prepared the questions from “easy to difficult” so that the process of learning the question type and learning method of problem solving takes place in stages.
Target 90 Questions: You will have the opportunity to practice and repeat the basic gains you have learned in the chapter.
Next Generation Questions – Cutting-Folding Questions – Verbal Expressions
We hope that our book, which is the product of a meticulous work, will be useful to you, our esteemed students, and wish you success in all the exams you will take.

AUTHOR: Tuncay Birinci, Çınar Aslan
Dough Type: 1st Dough
Editions: 1st Edition
First Edition Year: 2018
Number of Pages: 280
ISBN: 9786052267219
Size: 19 × 27,5