TYT-AYT Geometry Cones Circle and Circle Test-1 and Solutions …

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çember ve daire çözümlü test1

Question 1) O center circle [BE [BD; At point E and D [AC]; Equivalent to point F, m (AOC) = 9x, m (DBE) = 6y, 2x + 3y = 23 ° and x is the escape rate?

çeyrek çember soruları

Soru 2) [ND]; At point F, circle B centered, [NK] [BD] upright, | NK | = | BC | = | CD | work; m (DBN) is an escape class?ecedir?

teğet kiriş açı soruları

Question 3) [AE] circle at point C, | AB | = | BC |, m (CBA) = 30 °, m (AEB) = 50 °, m (BCD) = α if; α is an escape?

yarım çember soruları

Question 4) The center of the semicircle, | AE | = | ED | = | DC |, the size of the CB arc is 36 °, m (BAE) = x if; What is the level of escape?

kirişler dörtgeni soruları

Question 5) In the circle in the figure, m (ACB) = 25 °, m (CBA) = 75 °, m (DBE) = α if; α is an escape?

çemberde açı kirişler dörtgeni soruları

Soru 6) ABCD foursome, [BA] [AD] ye dik, [BC] [CD] ye dik, m (CBD) = 55 °, m (CED) = 103 ° if; m (ADB) = x is the escape rate?cedir?

tyt ayt çember soruları

Question 7) Points A and C are equal to the center circle, [AO] [OD] is vertical, | AB | = 18 cm, | OA | = 6 cm; | ED | = x escape level?

çember soruları

Question 8) The C street of the CDOE curve in the figure is on the [AP] entrance of the central circle circle D, and E streets as well.


çemberde açı soru çözümü

Solution: In the center circle, [AO] and [CO] are the tooth openings of the triangle ABC. X = 7 ° if we group the four sides with the (-) given in the question with the ° hearing.


tyt geometri çözümleri çember

Solution: The equation is perpendicular to the hemisphere at the point of equilibrium. Since the hypotenuse is 2 floors of the vertical shore, the street in front of the vertical shore is 30 °. The two openings with a top opening of 30 ° are 75 °.

çember ve daire çözümlü test

Solution: The two openings of the triangle are known to be the top openings.

çemberde açı test

Solution: In the half circle circle in the figure, the open dimensions of the arcs that are divided by the lengths are 3a + 36 ° = 180 °, a = 48 °. 2 = 66 °.

kirişler dörtgeni çözümlü sorular

Solution: From the set of inner openings of the ABC triangle, the size of the opening A is 80 °.

kirişler dörtgeni soru çözümü

Solution: If we draw a circle around 180 ° because the set of contradictory openings in the figure is four, the inclination will be four.

çemberde uzunluk çözümlü sorular

Solution: r = | OC | = 6 cm. The length of the two tangent pieces drawn in a circle from one point to the other is heard. CD | = 12-x will be x = 4 cm from the rectangle in the COD triangle.

tyt çember çözümleri

Solution: The center circle is the hemisphere of the hemisphere. The hemispheres of the hemispheres are perpendicular to each other.