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Question 1-) In the figure, A, B, C points are linear, m (EBA); All 1/3 of m (CBD) if m (CBD) = m (DBE) + 10 °; How many degrees is m (DBE)?

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Question 2-) [FG parallel [BA, [FE] parallel [CD], if m (DCB) = 130 °, m (ABC) = 4x-10 °, m (EFG) = 3x; How many degrees is x?

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Question 3-) If FK parallel [CR, [CP parallel [DA], [AE] and [CE] bisector, 3m (RCE) = 2m (DAE); How many degrees is m (EBA) = x?

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Question 4-) [BA parallel [EF parallel HG, if m (ABC) = m (EDC), m (DEF) = 100 °; How many degrees is m (DCB) = x?

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Question 5-) [BE parallel if [CF, m (ABE) = 150 °, m (BAD) = 60 °, m (ADC) = 50 °; How many degrees is m (FCD) = x?

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Question 6-) [AF parallel [DE, [AC] perpendicular [BD], [AC] bisector, if m (BDE) = 145 °; How many degrees is m (DBA) = x?

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Question 7-) If FE parallel [CD, m (GAE) = 5y-5 °, m (DCB) = 3y + 5 °, m (GBC) = 60 °; How many degrees is m (FAB) = x?

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Question 😎 [BA parallel [FD, [KP parallel [BE, m (EBA) = 120º, if m (FKP) = 105º; How many degrees is m (CFK) = x?


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Solution: Test with direct angles solution for beginners

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Solution: Let the line segment that we will draw from point C are parallel to the lines given in the question. The desired angle measurement is obtained from the equation of parallel angles m (DCK) = 3x, internal opposite angles m (KCB) = 4x-10 °, from here 3x + 4x-10 ° = 130 °. Will be 20 °.

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Solution: The most practical solution to this question of the angles in the line test would be to see the parallel angles of the road sides or the opposite parallel angles.

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Solution: With the inside angles and the m rule, the desired angle x has a dimension of 100 °.

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Solution: If we intersect the extension [AB] and [CD] at one point, we find the angle x with the rule m since the third angle of the triangle is also known.

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Solution: The bisectors of the opposite state angles form a right angle. We can immediately write x on the angle between the parallel we have drawn [BK].

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Solution: If we add the angles between parallel lines and equate them to 360 ° (pencil point rule), then y = 30 °, from the right angle x = 35 °.

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Solution: Write m (ECF) = 120 ° from directional angles, 120 ° + 360 ° -x + 105 ° = 360 ° from pencil rule, measure of angle x is 225 °.